Clean Cannabis Production and cultivation

MOCA will not use any harmful chemical pesticides, but works with biological pest control methods (predatory insects) only. Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium or lead are usually not applied to cannabis on purpose.

The cannabis plant is known to very efficiently absorb heavy metals. After consumption, these heavy metals may accumulate in body tissues causing harm to various organs over time. All materials used for cultivation of plants at MOCA are specifically chosen for their safety regarding heavy metals. 

Cannabis is sold by weight (per gram), and demands a higher price with increased potency. To increase weight, adulterants such as sand or metal particles (lead, iron) may be added to herbal cannabis. To increase the appearance of potency, finely ground-up glass or talcum may be added to mimic the presence of glandular hairs. During quality control, MOCA cannabis is always visually inspected to ensure the purity of all final products.

Clearly, inhalation or ingestion of any of these substances may lead to harmful situations by infection, poisoning or damage to the lungs. Patients are therefore advised to obtain medicinal cannabis from a reliable and official source, whenever available.