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Currently we only accept accredited investors to invest in opportunities in Cannabis and Medical Marijuana. The new laws allowing non-accredited investors may change and some of the investments opportunities will be JOBS Act 3.0 . We encourage all investors looking for Cannabis and Medical Marijuana investment deals to sign up. If you are an investor please fill out the form below to become a member of our platform. As the new laws take affect we will notify non-accredited investor members with updates.

Why Invest in Marijuana and Cannabis
  • Marijuana and Cannabis Is Set To Soar
  • Are you looking to invest in a growing industry with huge returns on investment?
  • Do you want to invest in an industry the will grow to $40 billion globally in 4 years gives Investors the opportunity to receive exclusive information on the Marijuana and Cannabis industry delivers the best Marijuana and Cannabis investment opportunities direct to you. Leading Cannabis and Marijuana Issuers looking to raise capital are showcased on our site.
Investors will be dealing directly with the Issuer, thus we collect no fees for delivering the best marijuana and cannabis companies to you. delivers exclusive Marijuana Investment showcase.

Invest in Marijuana Companies Pre-IPO delivers opportunities for accredited investors and investors of all incomes to invest in Cannabis,  Medical Marijuana and CBD companies.  Our qualified Accredited Investors get early exclusive access to cannabis investment deals prior to their marketing and investor relations campaigns.

We market Private and Public Cannabis and Medical Marijuana companies raising capital they need through various investment vehicles .

Marijuana Investments is a showcase for the future industry leaders in Marijuana and Cannabis Our showcase helps Accredited Investors gain access to exclusive private Marijuana and Cannabis offerings. has many years experience in raising awareness and marketing for Private and Public companies.

Exclusive Investments delivers an exclusive showcase for Marijuana and Cannabis with huge growth potential for investors to maximize on their investment by giving access to deals prior to IPO. Accredited investors will invest directly with the marijuana company. receives not fees for investments made through our website. gives accredited investors lower risks and higher returns by elimiating many costs associated with private investments.

Invest In Marijuana does extensive due diligence on all investment opportunities showcased on our site. If you are not and Accredited investor there are still huge opportunities in the growing marijuana and cannabis industry. If you will become one of the millions of new self Accredited Investors Sign up today to gain access to investment opportunities as the new laws go into effect. Sign Up Today!