Investment Strategy

A good place to start when investigating investment into cannabis is to ask the obvious question and that is, why is cannabis a good investment?. The short answer to this is simple and that is that cannabis is a product that has been considered illegal and problematic for almost 100 years but is it affect and in fact a powerful natural medicine that is completely plant-based. More importantly the cannabis plant contained within it active cannabinoids of which one is   Psychoactive. The other 100+ cannabinoids I’m not psycho active and respond to the human Endocannabinoid system which every human being and every animal has. We have a natural propensity to simulate the compounds in cannabis which the most well known currently is CBD into our ECS system via the receptor 1 and receptor 2 which are found throughout our body.

Invest In Cannabis

Knowing this information can only to one conclusion that is that in due course over the next decade we will see cannabis based compounds in all forms of supplements and foods and beverages. The vast majority of human beings will in due course as the science becomes better distributed and the stigma passes regarding cannabis will, consume the cannabinoids to regulate our systems.

This is why large companies including beer companies are also jumping into the marketplace with huge investments in the billions of  dollars.

Currently the market is estimated to be around US$10 billion however it is expected to grow to over US$500 billion when fully mature. Therefore we are still at the very beginning.