Potential contaminations in cannabis

Cannabis samples obtained from uncontrolled sources may be contaminated with various harmful substances. In the media and medical literature, many cases have been identified where the consumption of unsafe cannabis was the cause for hospitalization or severe health issues. Bedrocan products are therefore tested to make sure that all the following contaminations are absent: Because cannabis is grown under very warm and humid conditions, this creates the perfect conditions for microbes to develop. Manure-based fertilizers or poor hygiene standards may infect plants with intestinal (E. coli) bacteria, while contamination with fungi of e.g. Aspergillus or Penicillium species may lead to life-threatening infections especially in immune-compromised patients. Not all of these contaminations may be easily spotted by just looking at cannabis under a microscope. Some microbes, or the toxic chemicals they produce, are resistant to heat and may be inhaled during the smoking of a cannabis cigarette or while using a vaporizer. In order to guarantee the absence of microbes, Bedrocan cannabis is disinfected by gamma-irradiation. This does not have an effect on the chemical composition or the therapeutic effect of the cannabis plant.

Although pesticides are widely used in food agriculture, their use is always restricted to specific crops in limited quantities. In the case of cannabis it is unclear which pesticides, if any, pose a threat to the health of patients. Thus far, no studies have been conducted on the safety of pesticides as applied to inhaled or ingested cannabis. Research has shown that many pesticides are inhaled intact when contaminated cannabis is smoked.