Why Invest in Australia?

Australia and New Zealand have taken very similar courses in introducing legalisation of marijuana for medical use. The system is designed to be secure and safe for patients and citizens. In fact, the use of Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a prescription only product that requires federal approval to be used. Considering that CBD has no active THC compounds so you cannot get high. , Also considering that the WHO deemed it safe and free from abuse and addiction, the market in Australia is ripe as legislating changes.

Invest in Marijuana Industry in Australia and New Zealand

In the United States, CBD is sold over the counter and is available in supermarkets, it is one of the fastest growing food supplements and has many healing properties. More importantly, CBD helps to keep you healthy and free from illnesses. The research is very promising.

The team at MOCA have a combined experience of over 90 years in international business and the head of research is one of the leading cannabis experts in the world. His research has been published in dozens of books and academic papers and he is a frequent lecturer and consultant to international government bodies.